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Tour Paradise With a Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

There’s no doubt that beaches make for some of the hottest and most exotic holiday destinations on the planet. And no matter how popular or how packed they are with tourists, one can always find them enjoyable, relaxing and refreshing at the same time. However, there is nothing more beautiful than to enjoy a beach in its unadulterated, uncluttered, pristine, natural beauty. And just when you think there are no such beaches left, you can go on a yacht charter of the Virgin Islands.

Barely a few miles from the coast of Puerto Rico, and yet, the Virgin Islands truly exemplify their name. While the large islands of Tortola, Saint Thomas, Saint John and Virgin Gorda are popular tourist locations, offering every kind of facility, amenity and luxury that one can hope for; the smaller islands of Jost Van Dyke, Normal Island, Peter Island and even Anegada are secluded marvels waiting to be discovered. With your private luxury yacht, it’s possible to visit, explore and experience each of these islands as leisurely as you’d like.

Depending on what’s more convenient, you could start with either the US Virgin Islands of St. John’s or St Thomas; or with the British Virgin Island of Tortola. The islands of St. Thomas and St. Johns effortlessly mix luxurious amenities and man-made marvels with the breathtaking natural beauty of the islands. There’s absolutely no dearth of activities – you can shop, dine and indulge in adventure sports of every kind imaginable. St. Thomas’ attraction in particular is the sky tram that takes you 700 feet up into the air to give you mind-blowing view of the island and the surrounding waters. For nature enthusiasts, the huge St John’s National Park will definitely be a revelation of sorts. Both islands boast of some of the prettiest beaches on the US Virgin Islands.

With your very own luxury Virgin Islands yacht charter island hopping the Virgin Islands becomes a treat in itself. From St. Thomas and St. John you can sail to the islands of Tortola or Virgin Gorda. The sandy beaches of Tortola are dotted with luxury villas, resorts, beach bars and honeymooning couples – all of which blend perfectly with the heavenly and romantic atmosphere that the island creates. The hub of the BVI, Tortola surprises and excites tourists in every way. Virgin Gorda, on the other hand presents the prospect of lazing luxuriously on beaches of a village where time stands still. With your private luxury yacht, you’re in the best position to enjoy the legendary Baths of Virgin Gorda – naturally formed pools of water into large rocks – famous of swimming, dipping and snorkelling.

Your Virgin Islands yacht charter also gives you the advantage of experiencing the island of Anegada like no one else. You can lounge on the deck while watching whales and dolphins that are frequent visitors to the coast, or discover Anegada’s rich marine life as you snorkel amidst the many shipwrecks that dot Anegada’s waters, or spend your day roaming the pink coral beaches – the only in the Caribbean. The smaller island of Jost Van Dyke has fewer than 200 inhabitants, but has some of the most famous beach bars on the Caribbean. Sip on cocktails made with the island’s rum at the Soggy Dollar, Gertrude’s or Foxy’s while your yacht rests in the protected anchorages at the harbour.

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Experience the Charms of a Mediterranean Yacht Charter

For more than two millennia, the Mediterranean region has been known for its unparalleled cultural and historical significance. Today, as it was in the past, the region is home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders and breathtaking cities in the world. While there are many ways to explore this enchanting allure of the Mediterranean, a luxury charter vacation is undoubtedly the finest option. A trip through the serene waters of the Mediterranean in the warm Mediterranean climate is a truly amazing experience.

The luxury yacht charter areas of the Mediterranean include the Adriatic, Aegean, Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. This means you can choose various routes along many of the Mediterranean’s finest destinations including its stunning islands such as Corsica, Sardinia and Malta. The most popular charter areas are arguably the French Riviera and the Italian coast. Here you can stop by some of the finest destinations including Barcelona, Cannes, Capri, Monaco, Nice, Porto and Valencia.

The French Riviera alone is home to more than 30 magnificent harbors and over 3000 mouth-watering restaurants. On the Italian side, make some time for the stunning Amalfi Coast and the lovely fishing village of Portofino. If you are into history, you should certainly drop by the ancient city of Pompeii, which is home to one of best-preserved Roman ruins in the world. For a peek into the antiquity, both Greece and Italy are fine destinations. The art, architecture and archeological findings in these regions are absolutely fascinating.

The exciting range of choices with regards to luxury yacht charters in the Mediterranean means you would need to be extra careful when choosing a yacht charter broker. Some important things you should consider include the following:

Choose a well known yacht charter broker, who has a reputation for professional and impartial service. Unless you have a personal recommendation that you can trust completely, it is important that you employ a charter broker with an extensive history of working in the industry.

Make sure your broker is familiar with details including the type of yacht, the crews and local sailing conditions.

Choose a date that is during April-May or September-October, which are the best times of the year for a luxury yacht charter.

Always double-check your travel arrangements.

Once you have chosen a suitable luxury yacht charter, it is time to pay attention to the finer details of your vacation.

The Yacht: The most crucial detail is the yacht itself; there are plenty of types available depending on the situation. If you can rent a basic luxury model for a short trip with a few guests or you can rent larger model for fully-fledged tours and parties for your guests.

The Budget: There is always a trade-off between the size of your budget and the service given. Therefore, it is vital that you do your research in order to determine the charter, which offers the best value for your money. Keep in mind, to take into account even the minutest costs of the service.

The Amount of people involved: when choosing a yacht charter, it is vital to know exactly how many people will be involved. If you end up choosing a yacht that is too small, you will not have enough room, while renting a large yacht for a small number of guests may be a waste of money. Therefore, keep an eye for details, once you have your list ready you can properly organize other things such as catering.

The Date: Always try to book your charter as far in advance as possible. This will allow charter companies to properly service the vessel and prepare it for your vacation. In addition, you can earn good discounts for booking early.

Charter and Tour Boat Operator Customers for Boat Cleaning Businesses

If you own a boat cleaning, washing, and detailing company then you need to consider all the potential types of business available near you. Too often high-end detailing companies want to clean, detail, and service the Mega-Yachts and do bother looking at the bread and butter accounts available. For instance; charter boats and tour vessels make great steady weekly washing customers, and often partake in add-on detailing and specialty services.

Last year, I was consulting with a new start-up boat cleaning company and they asked me how they could go about having a more regular clientele, and a steadier income. Okay so, let’s discuss this, and see if I can make my point, you be the judge – deal? Let’s talk;

Tour Boat Operators

Tour boat operators operate on volume and efficiency. Your schedule must adhere to theirs, and your turn-around time is crucial. Power washing is big with these customers, and so is preventative rust control, and painting. Remember their customers must have an enjoyable experience, meaning there cannot be any grease spots, bird droppings, smudge marks, or dirt anywhere. When steam cleaning railings you must spray at all possible angles to clean it properly, and you cannot take short-cuts.

If you will train your crew to respect these tour boat customer’s vessels just as they do the large pristine yachts, everything ought to be fine. One challenge is to keep up the quality, as regular cleaning of tour boats can get monotonous, and it’s just not as fun, but such regular customers can really help your boat cleaning business’s bottom line. A few of these types of customers and you will already have a steady book of regular weekly wash work. In many areas the tour boat business is seasonal, but during the off season it’s often time to do repairs, painting, etc.

Charter Boat Operators

When it comes to charter operations and charter boats, they come in all types and sizes. There are sail boat charter operators, fishing boat charters, luxury yacht charters, you name it – and their clientele and customers have an abundance of reasons for charting a boat for a day, a week, or maybe more. These businesses need their vessels cleaned prior to departure, and/or after a cruise. Setting them up on a weekly wash schedule also works well, along with special add-on services as requested. These can be some of your best customers, but they do require legendary level service.

Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you have any concerns, comments, or questions feel free to email me, as I’d love to know what is on your mind!

Experience the Beauty of the Bahamas With a Luxury Yacht Charter

Those who come to the Bahamas instinctively know they’ve stepped onto a piece of paradise, one that will stay with them long after they’ve left it. The Bahamas is the ‘land of 700 islands’, each strikingly beautiful in its untouched wilderness, aquamarine waters, shimmering beaches, and blessed with glorious sunshine and cooling tradewinds all year round. Each of these islands and cays is also strikingly unique in their marine and wildlife and their culture. While Nassau is a vibrant city where tourists can live it up, the Bimini islands are some of the most enchantingly desolate places you will visit. On some of the inhabited islands you can go snorkelling and deep sea diving, while on still others you can explore hidden cays and pools along beaches no one else would have ever walked. And there cannot be a better way to experience the surprises Bahamas has to offer, than with your private Bahamas yacht charter.

With a luxury Bahamas yacht charter you can leisurely experience as much of the Bahamas as you want and for as long as you want it. A luxury yacht charter will offer you all the convenience and comfort of a hotel, while letting you take in all of the Bahamas. You could wake up to vistas of the most mesmerizing blue waters ever seen, lounge on sun decks or sun-kissed beaches all day long and dine underneath twinkling Caribbean skies – all in the safety and luxury of your very own floating suite, replete with a private, professional staff to wait on you.

A yacht charter of the Bahamas is the best way to experience the unique biodiversity of these islands, specifically that of The Exumas – the jewel of the Bahamas. Sail into Staniel Cay, where other boaters and yachters come to mingle and relax; take your time exploring the majestic 176 square miles of the Exumas Land and Sea Park; and snorkel and feed the friendly fish in the ‘ThunderBall cave of the James Bond movie fame. And of course, when all this is done, you can sail to the main island of Great Exumas to dine at any of island’s authentic restaurants, or relax at the many beach bars, or spend a luxurious night at the many five star resorts that blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the Exumas.

Yet, with a private charter yacht, there is no reason to stop at popular islands like the Exumas or the Grand Bahama. Let the explorer in you take over as you make your way to the lesser explored jewels like Rum Cay/San Salvador, Great Inagua, Mayaguana or the Berry Islands. Rum Cay and San Salvador are hidden beauties of the Bahamas, untouched by tourists (expect the few lucky ones with a yacht). Experience what it feels like to be the only ones in the world as you explore the many shipwrecks, monuments and serene beaches that dot these islands.

A Bahamas yacht charter is also the most effective way to realize the exciting prospect of sailing in the Bahamas. The natural trade winds make the Bahamas a haven of sailing enthusiasts, and regattas and races are held throughout the year. The harbours at Nassau and Grand Bahama are some of the best in the world, and the cities themselves are well connected to the US and the UK by air.